Why not use the target groups that work with your display ads on Facebook too? Or, in other words, why not use the Facebook target groups that are well defined by city, age and interests for your display ad campaign?

Always popular: personal recommendations.

Recommendations are the driver behind social media today. On Facebook alone you can reach over 900 million potential customers. Your products are embedded in a reliable environment, which offers excellent opportunities for building up your fan base. Your product is associated with the name of a friend or acquaintance. And we don’t need to tell you how valuable that can be.

Manual work on Facebook – no longer your cup of tea?

We use Facebook’s ads API, an interface that manages your campaign directly. Cumbersome campaign placement on Facebook is now a thing of the past. With acanda:social we can easily create thousands of different ads – in a matter of minutes. And can optimize them automatically too.

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