• Are you ready for take-off?

    Fasten your seatbelts! And leave behind the old world of media buying. Come and join us in the new world of online advertising. The era of booking audiences and content environments is over. We now book proper users. The right users. Your new customers.

  • Always on the cutting edge:

    You can trust us. It's quick. Our acanda RTB technology can analyze a lot of data in no time whatsoever. All it takes is mere milliseconds to find the right recipient for your message. Or is that too fast for you? MORE

  • There's more to it than just quick.

    Don't just show anyone your ads. Show it to the right people, those who count. Those people who have already shown interest in your product. Or those who still need to show interest. Who are these people? We know. MORE

  • Anytime and anywhere:

    We're en route to completely new dimensions. Today, mobile advertising by acanda is just as accurate as display advertising. And, what's more, mobile advertising takes full advantage of the potential RTB offers. Now, nothing is out of reach anymore. MORE

  • We come as friends:

    These days, everybody knows everybody. And soon, people will be friends with your product too. With acanda:social you benefit from the positive environment of trust and friendship in social networks. Where recommendations and likes really mean something. MORE

Our Services

Real Time Bidding

We can purchase the right customers for your product. In real time, media buying has now become much easier, more transparent and more efficient. more

Display Ads

Stop booking inaccurate environments and audiences, get in contact with proper users instead. more

Mobile Ads

Next generation mobile advertising - our RTB technology brings your product out onto the street. more

Social Media Ads

This is where your product is sure to find new friends. acanda opens the door to the world of the social networks. Like what you see? more