About acanda

We saw there’s plenty of room for improvement. Without knowing each other, we were both building up different web portals and dealing with display ads. We were writing faxes, dialling our fingers to the bone, negotiating with thousands of different stakeholders. And yet we were still prodding about in the dark. We still didn’t have a clue who our ads were reaching, and how.

That’s when we knew. That was 20th century online advertising. Now we do 21st century online advertising. Not manual media buying, automatic media buying. We do it because media buyers are annoyed. And we do it because it works. With real time bidding. Because we can analyze a lot of data very quickly. And because Big Data isn’t a problem for us.

That’s why we started acanda. With a mission to give our customers precise advertising – tailored to the right people. Not just for vague target groups or audiences. We don’t want to make vague guesses or assumptions about the environments our customers might be interested in. Instead, we use statistics as a basis. We see individuals. We see their needs. We see their interests. That’s how advertising works best. That’s when your customers feel most understood.

We have great plans ahead. We know we can make display and mobile ads just as efficient as search engine marketing today. And we can make it interesting for lots more advertisers. The people who will benefit are the users who get to see more ads that are relevant to what they really want. That means publishers too can expect higher returns. And advertisers, above all, will be truly pleased. About the greater efficiency, the greater transparency, the greater control. And the bottom line: more ROI.

We would like to invite you on a journey into the future of the display ads.

And before that we would like to take you for a coffee! In Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean. We look forward to meeting you!