Good & Better: acanda:mobile lets you optimize your mobile ad campaign in real time.

Apples & Androids: Exact targeting by country, carrier, operator, device, iOS or Android.

Hot & Spot: With our geo-targeting technology your customers see the things they are interested in. The nice café around the corner or a great bargain at the local market.

Here & There: Our automatic bidding procedure doesn’t mind where in the world your potential customers live. You can reach them just as easily in India or in Ingolstadt.

Web & App: Sell more on your mobile website or generate more downloads for your app.

Smart & Phone: Users see your mobile advertising and can call you immediately on their smartphone. acanda will track those calls and offer you detailed reporting.

Yank It or Crank It: We can see which ads got users to install your app. And can decide where it’s worth advertising and where it isn’t.

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