In media buying it’s common practice for an ad customer to buy packets of display ads at a fixed price. Directly from website operators, marketers or ad networks. The packet then has to be adjusted manually, all on your time and expense. acanda’s artificial intelligence technology, on the other hand, automatically optimizes your display ads in the background. So you can go to bed if you want.

The better view: better prospects for conversions.

Of course you don’t need our help to optimize your ad campaigns. But, you can still only do it to a certain extent. Don’t forget, CPC billing or frequency capping have their limits. And what’s more, these days so many providers are involved in the process, they often don’t know who’s doing what. That can mean that an ad that you only want to have appear three times a week can quite easily run a lot more. We manage acanda:display from one central interface and always have full control over which users see which ads.

You always meet twice. With dynamic retargeting.

As an important element of RTB, retargeting can get “lost” users back to your page. However, simple retargeting only registers whether users visited the website. Dynamic retargeting, on the other hand, takes a closer look. Which pages did the user visit for how long? What products were of particular interest? Where did they jump off? Using all of these factors, we can build an individual bidding strategy, to fit your needs perfectly.

Better than 1,000 account manager, 1,000 customers.

Until now, media buyers had to send countless e-mails and faxes, contact individual websites, confirm orders, call around and negotiate prices with all sorts of different people. With our automated real time bidding, you can concentrate on the more important tasks. The ones that are also a little more fun.

Others have good data too. We can read data.

To make sure users get the ads that interest them and count it helps to know them. Where were they interested in what? Where are similarities with other users. And much more. But even more important than this, how is the data analysed and processed? What complex algorithms are used to combine data? This is where our acanda:display technology comes into play.

We use knowledge. And protect private data.

We go to great lengths to make sure they are anonymous. No conclusions whatsoever can be drawn on who the users actually are. After all, we don’t need to know their names. Only their interests.

Let’s conquer China. Or Hicksville.

To achieve 90% coverage you no longer need to commission 30 marketers. And if you want to find your customers in foreign countries, you no longer need to find the introductions to the local marketer scene. We have excellent connections to all important ad exchanges. It doesn’t matter to our RTB technology whether your customers live in New York or in Neuwied.

Find your customers exactly where they are. And not where you think they might be.

An example: advertising consumer loans on financial pages seems like an obvious decision to most. But it’s really not that efficient. After all, only a handful of people who read business news and study market prices actually need a small loan. We find those other sites where you can reach financial services customers much more cost-effectively. And more efficiently.

Honesty is best for conversion.

acanda:display doesn’t need to market weak websites. After all, we don’t represent publishers. We only earn money when you earn money as an advertiser. And to make sure you’re always in control, our regular reporting shows you exactly which pages are displaying your product ads. That’s what we mean when we say transparent, honest and efficient.

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